Sunday, November 2, 2008

No problem if Kareena plays my sister: Tusshar

Tusshar Kapoor had made his debut as a leading man with Kareena Kapoor in smash hit ‘Mujhe Kuch Kehna Hai’ a few moons back. Seven years down the line, the two are appearing as siblings in Rohit Shetty directed ‘Golmaal Returns’. Isn't that a step back for the romantic 'jodi' which couldn't create the same magic though in ‘Jeena Sirf Merre Liye’.

''Come on, you can't get sentimental about such things'', laughs Tusshar, ''I have absolutely no qualms to have Kareena as my sister in Golmaal Returns. In any case it is a hardcore comedy film and everything is fine in a laugh entertainer. If it was a romantic film then may be I would have sulked in a corner to see Kareena as my sister but it's all ok for Golmaal Returns.''

Talking about the characters played by him and Kareena in the film, Tusshar says, ''Kareena plays the role of a young woman called Ekta who is a big fan of 'saas-bahu' TV serials. She is also very suspicious in nature and doesn't even spare her husband (Ajay Devgan). She believes that he is having an affair with someone else and this is where I come in to save the situation. I trust Ajay and want to protect their marriage.''

Since he plays the role of a mute character yet again in Golmaal Returns, does his sister i.e. Kareena always understand what he tries to say. "That's actually the funny part because sometimes she does understand and sometimes she doesn't. It is the latter situation which never fails to create a huge mess. However, from the heart of my hearts, I play a brother who is very protective about his sister", says Tusshar.

So between Tusshar and Kareena, who is more dominating as a sibling, "No one actually", Tusshar is prompt in replying, "None of us is either dominating or submissive. We are very much in love with each other. In our earlier films, we may have been in a romantic relationship, while in Golmaal Returns, it is a brother-sister relationship. What matters after all is a 'jodi' and I am very much enjoying this new relationship too. On screen, of course!"

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